9 Irresistibly Creamy Milkshakes Chicago That Will Leave You in Bliss!

9 Irresistibly Creamy Milkshakes Chicago That Will Leave You in Bliss!

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Milkshakes Chicago

Indulge your taste buds with a heavenly journey through Chicago’s milkshake scene. Get ready to be whisked away on a creamy adventure, as we guide you to the 9 most irresistible milkshakes that will leave you floating on cloud nine.

From the velvety smoothness at Public House to the mouthwatering delights at JoJo’s Shake Bar, each sip is an explosion of pure bliss.
So grab a straw and prepare for a sensory experience like no other – these milkshakes are pure liquid gold!

Key Takeaways

  • DMK Burger Bar and Good Stuff Eatery both offer a wide variety of milkshake flavors and toppings, providing endless possibilities for customization.
  • Good Stuff Eatery stands out with its unique milkshake creations like the Toasted Marshmallow Shake and Salty Caramel Kiss Shake.
  • The Chicago Diner is a popular destination for vegans and vegetarians, offering a diverse menu of plant-based dishes, including delicious vegan desserts.
  • Both Good Stuff Eatery and The Chicago Diner prioritize ethical dining and sustainability, making them appealing choices for conscious consumers.

Public House

You can’t resist the mouthwatering milkshakes at Public House in Chicago. Nestled in the heart of the city, this trendy establishment offers an impressive selection of irresistibly creamy shakes that will leave you in bliss.

As you step inside, you’re greeted by a vibrant atmosphere and a friendly staff ready to serve up indulgence. The milkshakes at Public House are expertly crafted, made with high-quality ingredients that guarantee a rich and velvety texture.

Whether you prefer classic flavors like chocolate or vanilla or crave adventurous combinations like salted caramel pretzel or cookies and cream, there’s a shake for every palate.
Pair your shake with one of their craft beers from the extensive menu, head up to their rooftop bar for stunning views of the city skyline, or take advantage of their happy hour specials for an unforgettable experience at Public House.

Scooters Frozen Custard

Scooters Frozen Custard has a menu that offers deliciously rich and indulgent treats. Whether you’re craving a classic scoop of creamy frozen custard or something more adventurous, Scooters has got you covered. Here are three reasons why Scooters stands out among other frozen dessert shops in Chicago:

  • Unique flavors: Scooters takes pride in their creative flavor combinations that will tantalize your taste buds. From Salted Caramel Pretzels to Key Lime Pie, there’s always something new and exciting to try.
  • Dairy-free options: If you’re lactose intolerant or simply prefer non-dairy alternatives, Scooters has a variety of dairy-free options that don’t compromise on taste. Their vegan-friendly sorbets are bursting with fruity goodness.
  • Local ingredients: Supporting local farmers and businesses is at the heart of Scooters’ philosophy. They source their ingredients from nearby farms, ensuring that each scoop is made with the freshest and highest quality produce.

So whether you’re a loyal fan or a first-time visitor, make sure to treat yourself to the unique flavors, dairy-free options, and locally sourced ingredients at Scooters Frozen Custard. You won’t be disappointed!

JoJo’s Shake Bar

Indulge in the delectable milkshake creations at JoJo’s Shake Bar, where the flavor combinations and creamy textures are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. At JoJo’s, you’ll find a wide range of unique milkshake flavors that will leave your taste buds dancing with delight. From classics like chocolate and vanilla to innovative concoctions like salted caramel pretzel and strawberry cheesecake, there’s something for everyone.

JoJo’s Shake Bar has a rich history and tradition when it comes to milkshakes. With roots dating back decades, this iconic establishment has been serving up delicious shakes that have become a beloved staple in the Chicago community. Their dedication to quality ingredients and attention to detail is evident in every sip.

If you want to recreate the magic of JoJo’s at home, here are some tips for creating the perfect homemade milkshake. Start with high-quality ice cream as your base, add your favorite mix-ins or toppings, and blend until smooth and creamy. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different flavors and combinations – that’s what makes milkshakes so fun! And remember, a generous dollop of whipped cream on top is always a good idea.

So why wait? Head over to JoJo’s Shake Bar today and experience the blissful indulgence of their irresistible milkshakes for yourself!


If you’re looking for a taste of Chicago, head to Portillos for their famous hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches. But don’t forget to save room for dessert because Portillos also serves up some of the most irresistible milkshakes in town.

Here are three reasons why you need to try their creamy concoctions:

  1. Best Milkshake Flavors: Portillos offers a wide variety of flavors that will satisfy any craving. From classic options like chocolate and vanilla to unique creations like cake batter and caramel pecan, there’s something for everyone.
  2. Unique Milkshake Toppings: What sets Portillos apart is their selection of toppings that take these milkshakes to the next level. Whether it’s crushed Oreos, rainbow sprinkles, or even a slice of cake on top, every sip is an explosion of flavor.
  3. Creaminess That Leaves You in Bliss: The secret to Portillos’ milkshakes lies in their perfectly blended consistency. Each shake is thick, creamy, and velvety smooth, making it impossible to resist taking another sip.

So next time you’re in Chicago, make sure to stop by Portillos and indulge in one of their heavenly milkshakes that will leave you feeling blissfully satisfied.

M Burger

When you’re craving a delicious burger in Chicago, head over to M Burger for their mouthwatering selection of juicy patties and flavorful toppings.

M Burger is the ultimate destination for burger lovers, offering a variety of options that will satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. From classic cheeseburgers to indulgent bacon and avocado creations, their menu has something for everyone.

But what sets M Burger apart are its secret menu items. These hidden gems are known only to the true connoisseurs, adding an element of excitement and exclusivity to your dining experience.
And don’t worry if you’re a vegetarian because M Burger has got you covered too! They offer delicious veggie burgers that are just as satisfying as their meaty counterparts.

So next time you’re in the mood for a burger, make sure to visit M Burger and discover your new favorite patty!

Shake Shack

Make sure to try Shake Shack’s famous burgers and fries, which are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings for a delicious and satisfying meal. But don’t stop there! Shake Shack offers more than just savory delights; their milkshakes are an absolute must-try.

Here are four reasons why you should indulge in their irresistible creamy concoctions:

  1. Unique flavors: Shake Shack takes milkshakes to the next level with their inventive flavor combinations. From classic favorites like chocolate and vanilla to unique creations like salted caramel pretzels, there’s something for every palate.
  2. Best-selling milkshakes: The Shake Shack menu boasts an array of mouthwatering milkshake options, but some stand out above the rest. Don’t miss their best-sellers like the Cookies & Cream or the Strawberry Shortcake – each sip is pure bliss.
  3. Customization options: Craving a little extra sweetness? Shake Shack allows you to customize your milkshake with added mix-ins such as whipped cream, sprinkles, or even a cherry on top. The possibilities are endless!
  4. Indulgent texture: With each sip of a Shake Shack milkshake, you’ll experience a velvety smoothness that will transport you to dessert heaven. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself after enjoying one of their delectable burgers.

So go ahead and give in to temptation at Shake Shack – your taste buds will thank you!

DMK Burger Bar

The DMK Burger Bar in Chicago offers a variety of mouthwatering burger options that are sure to satisfy any craving. But what truly sets them apart is their irresistible milkshakes that will leave you in bliss!

With an array of delectable flavors and unique toppings, DMK Burger Bar takes milkshakes to a whole new level. From classics like chocolate and vanilla to innovative combinations like salted caramel pretzels and peanut butter bananas, there’s a flavor for every taste bud.

And the toppings? Prepare to be amazed. They offer everything from whipped cream and sprinkles to bacon and even mini donuts!
So whether you’re looking for a sweet treat after devouring one of their delicious burgers or simply want to indulge in a creamy delight, DMK Burger Bar has got you covered.

Good Stuff Eatery

Good Stuff Eatery offers a mouthwatering selection of burgers and fries that are sure to satisfy any craving. But it’s not just their savory menu items that make this place a must-visit.

Good Stuff Eatery also serves up some seriously delicious milkshakes that will leave you wanting more. With flavors like classic vanilla, rich chocolate, and refreshing strawberry, they have something for everyone. And when it comes to toppings, Good Stuff Eatery knows how to take their milkshakes to the next level. From whipped cream and sprinkles to crushed cookies and caramel drizzle, the possibilities are endless.

But what really sets Good Stuff Eatery apart are their unique milkshake creations. Try the Toasted Marshmallow Shake for a sweet twist or indulge in the Salty Caramel Kiss Shake for a perfect balance of sweet and salty goodness. Trust me, these milkshakes are worth every calorie!

The Chicago Diner

Located in the heart of Chicago, The Chicago Diner offers a diverse menu of delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes that are sure to satisfy any food lover. With its commitment to ethical dining and sustainability, this iconic eatery has become a go-to spot for those seeking plant-based options in the city.

The Chicago Diner boasts an impressive range of vegan options, from hearty burgers and sandwiches to flavorful salads and bowls. The menu is bursting with unique flavors that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.

At The Chicago Diner, their famous desserts are not to be missed. Indulge in decadent treats like their rich chocolate cake or creamy cheesecake, all made without the use of animal products. Each bite is pure bliss, showcasing the talent and creativity of the chefs.

Unparalleled flavor combinations, exceptional vegan choices, and legendary desserts make The Chicago Diner a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the world of plant-based cuisine.

10 Decadent Milkshakes in Chicago You Need to Try!

If you’re searching for something delicious, look no further than the sweet treats in Chicago. From classic ice cream favorites to modern toppings, these 10 milkshakes are guaranteed to leave every sweet tooth in the city satisfied.

1. Bananas Foster Milkshake at Original Rainbow Cone

Located on the south side of the city, Original Rainbow Cone is the place to go for a classic shake experience. Their Bananas Foster Milkshake is made with fresh ice cream and topped with roasty toasty banana caramel sauce, walnuts, and whipped cream – it’s a classic favorite.

2. Churro Milkshake at Wow Bao

Central to the city, Wow Bao is more than the classic bao bun. If you’re looking for something unique, this is your spot. Their Churro Milkshake is an unexpected surprise of ice cream and churro bits, covered in caramel sauce and topped with churro crumbles – it’s an explosion of flavor.

3. Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Milkshake at DMK Burger

Going along the grain of something classic, DMK Burger is known for its creative shakes. Their Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Milkshake is something of a dessert-lovers dream with a mix of chocolate, pretzel, and ice cream. Topped off with a single pretzel and a sprinkle of chocolate chips, the classic flavors are accented perfectly.

4. Nutella Milkshake at Epic Burger

Heating up with Epic Burger’s Nutella Milkshake. True to what it says, this shake is made with real Nutella, blended with classic ice cream, and topped off with a sprinkle of hazelnuts. Sweet and creamy, it’s the perfect treat for any milkshake lover.

5. Salted Caramel Cocoa Krispy Milkshake at Fatso’s Last Stand

Just like the name implies, Fatso’s Last Stand is sure to satisfy. This spot brings the heat with its Salted Caramel Cocoa Krispy Milkshake. Made with classic ice cream, homemade caramel, and cocoa krispies, it’s the perfect fix for anyone with a sweet tooth.

6. Cookies and Cream Milkshake at Gino’s East

South-side favorite Gino’s East hits its mark with their classic Cookies and Cream Milkshake. With vanilla ice cream, Oreo cookie pieces, and Oreo crumbles, this shake is like an ode to the classic cookies and cream combination.

7. S’mores Milkshake at Shake Shack

The Windy City welcomes Shake Shack, and their festive S’mores Milkshake. This fan favorite takes classic s’mores ingredients – graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows – and blends them into a classic shake. The marshmallow topping seals the deal.

8. Caramel Apple Pie Milkshake at Kaiser Tiger

Changing it up, Kaiser Tiger brings something original – the Caramel Apple Pie Milkshake. With a combination of salted caramel, apple white-wine syrup, whipped cream, and apple crisps, this innovative shake hits the spot.

9. Cinnamon Toast Milkshake at The Fifty/50

Bringing it back to classic flavors is the Fifty/50 and their Cinnamon Toast Milkshake. With classic ice cream, and hints of cinnamon, brown sugar, and graham crackers – it’s a taste of nostalgia in a cup.

Finally, SingleCut puts the Cherry on top with its Cookie Butter Milkshake. This creamy treat includes house-made cookie butter, blended with classic ice cream, and topped off with cookie butter crumbles. Sweet and savory, it’s the perfect way to wind up a milkshake tour.

There you have it – 10 milkshakes in Chicago you need to try! From classic flavors to unexpected surprises, these decadent treats are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth in the city.


What are the opening hours of Public House in Chicago?

Public House in Chicago has varying opening hours, so it’s best to check their website or call ahead. However, based on my experience, the ideal time to visit Public House is during happy hour when you can enjoy their delicious drinks and lively atmosphere.

Does Scooters Frozen Custard offer any dairy-free or vegan options?

Looking for a guilt-free indulgence? Scooters Frozen Custard has got you covered! Their dairy-free milkshakes and vegan options are like a taste of heaven. With alternative ingredients, you won’t even miss the dairy!

Are the milkshakes at JoJo’s Shake Bar made with real fruit or artificial flavorings?

The best milkshake flavors at Jojo’s Shake Bar are made with real fruit, not artificial flavorings. The secret to their creamy milkshakes lies in their high-quality ingredients and expert blending techniques. Compared to other milkshake establishments in Chicago, Jojo’s Shake Bar stands out for its exceptional taste and freshness.

Can I customize my milkshake order at Portillo’s?

Yes, at Portillo’s, you can fully customize your milkshake order. With a wide range of flavors and unlimited customization options, their milkshake menu is sure to satisfy any craving.

Are there any gluten-free milkshake options available at M Burger?

Yes, M Burger offers a variety of gluten-free milkshake options that are also dairy-free and vegan. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the delicious flavors and the ability to customize your milkshake to suit your dietary needs.

Milkshakes Chicago Listings

JoJo's Shake Bar -River North

📂 American restaurant, Bar, Dessert shop
📭 23 W Hubbard St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States
🕒 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 11 AM-10 PM Friday, Saturday: 11 AM-12 AM
📞 +1 312-624-8963 - 📌See in Map

Shake Shack River North

📂 Hamburger restaurant, American restaurant, Fast food restaurant, Meal delivery, Takeout restaurant
📭 66 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611, United States
🕒 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 11 AM-11 PM Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 11 AM-11:30 PM
📞 +1 312-667-1701 - 📌See in Map

Scooter's Frozen Custard

📂 Ice cream shop
📭 1658 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657, United States
🕒 Monday, Tuesday: Closed Wednesday, Thursday: 3-9 PM Friday: 2-9 PM Saturday, Sunday: 1-9 PM
📞 +1 773-244-6415 - 📌See in Map


📂 Ice cream shop, Coffee shop, Dessert shop, Donut shop, Espresso bar
📭 832 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607, United States
🕒 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 5-9 PM Friday: 5-11 PM Saturday: 12-11 PM Sunday: 12-9 PM
📞 +1 312-492-7775 - 📌See in Map

DMK Burger Bar

📂 Hamburger restaurant, American restaurant, Bar
📭 2954 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL 60657, United States
🕒 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 11:30 AM-10 PM Friday, Saturday: 11:30 AM-11 PM
📞 +1 773-360-8686 - 📌See in Map

Cone Gourmet Ice Cream

📂 Ice cream shop
📭 1047 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60607, United States
🕒 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 1-9 PM Friday: 1-10 PM Saturday: 12-11 PM
📞 +1 312-666-5111 - 📌See in Map

Shake Shack Chicago Athletic Association

📂 Hamburger restaurant, American restaurant, Fast food restaurant, Meal delivery, Takeout restaurant
📭 12 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603, United States
🕒 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 11 AM-9:30 PM Friday: 11 AM-10:30 PM Saturday: 10:30 AM-10:30 PM Sunday: 10:30 AM-9:30 PM
📞 +1 312-646-6005 - 📌See in Map

Margie's Candies

📂 Ice cream shop
📭 1960 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, United States
🕒 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 9 AM-11 PM Saturday, Sunday: 9 AM-12 AM
📞 +1 773-384-1035 - 📌See in Map

Devil Dawgs on State

📂 Hot dog restaurant, American restaurant, Fried chicken takeaway, Hamburger restaurant
📭 767 S State St, Chicago, IL 60605, United States
🕒 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 11 AM-10 PM Friday, Saturday: 11 AM-12 AM
📞 +1 312-583-9100 - 📌See in Map

Shake Shack Wrigleyville

📂 Hamburger restaurant, American restaurant, Fast food restaurant, Meal delivery, Takeout restaurant
📭 3519 N Clark St Suite C105, Chicago, IL 60613, United States
🕒 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 11 AM-9:30 PM Saturday, Sunday: 10:30 AM-9:30 PM
📞 +1 312-766-5882 - 📌See in Map

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