6 Things To Know About Chicago State University

Chicago State University

Chicago State University is an awesome public university located in the great city of Chicago, Illinois. Here are six facts to know about this great university!

  1. Location: Chicago State University is located on 161 acres of land on the south side of Chicago. It’s one of the most vibrant cities in the US!
  2. Academic Programs: The University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs such as Business, Computer Science, and Education.
  3. Student Body: There’s a diverse student body at CSU, with students from over 35 states and 20 countries.
  4. Athletics: The University’s sports teams participate in NCAA Division I. This includes Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Cross Country, Tennis, Track and Field, and Baseball.
  5. Financial Assistance: Students can make use of various financial aid programs like scholarships, grants, and work-study opportunities.
  6. Community Outreach: Chicago State University is well-known for its outreach programs in the local community, like a research-based Science and Technology center and a variety of social and cultural events.

So, if you’re considering higher education in Chicago, why not consider Chicago State University? With its diverse student body and great academic programs, it could be the perfect choice for you!
6 Things To Know About Chicago State University

Campus and Location

Chicago State University lies on 120 acres of landscaped beauty, located on the south side of Chicago. It is just a 15-minute drive away from downtown. Plus, public transportation can take you there. It is found in the heart of Bronzeville and its vibrant culture and community.
Let us find out more about this amazing campus and location!

Description of the CSU Campus

Chicago State University (CSU) is a public university in the South Side of Chicago. It offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Here are 6 things to know about it and its location:

  1. Campus size: CSU covers 161 acres. It has modern facilities like a library, computer labs, and recreational spaces.
  2. Location: CSU is in a suburban area of Chicago known as Roseland. It’s close to the Red Line Train.
  3. Campus Diversity: The CSU student population is diverse, with different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences.
  4. Athletics: CSU excels in men’s and women’s basketball, cross country, and track and field.
  5. Campus Safety: CSU strives to provide a safe environment for students and faculty through security measures and protocols.
  6. Community Engagement: CSU has partnerships with local organizations and businesses. This provides students with real-world experience and networking opportunities.

Location of the University

Chicago State University is situated in the center of Chicago’s South Side. It takes up 161 acres in the Roseland neighborhood. Here are six points to consider about the location:

  1. Close to I-94 and I-57, making it a great choice for commuters.
  2. A few miles from Lake Michigan, with gorgeous views and lots of outdoor activities.
  3. Rich in culture with numerous restaurants, stores, and entertainment spots nearby.
  4. Nearby hospitals and healthcare facilities, like Advocate Trinity Hospital and Roseland Community Hospital.
  5. Good public transportation network with multiple bus and train routes available.
  6. Located in a vibrant, historic community undergoing transformation – a great place to live and work!

Overview of the Surrounding Community

Chicago State University is situated in a historic, multicultural area. Here are 6 facts about the local community of this university:

  1. Roseland: Chicago State is in the Roseland district. This place was once a bustling industrial zone and is now mainly African-American residential.
  2. The campus: It covers 161 acres and hosts a 94,000-square-foot library, a modern science building, and sporting facilities.
  3. Public transport: The university is well connected by public transport, with a Metra train station close by, and many bus routes.
  4. Cultural attractions: The community boasts lots of cultural sites, including the DuSable Museum of African American History, the Pullman National Monument, and the Beverly Arts Center.
  5. Local cuisine: The area has lots of restaurants with different types of cuisine, like soul food, Mexican, and Jamaican.
  6. Community engagement: Chicago State University is devoted to aiding the community. It works with local organizations to provide education and support.

Programs and Degrees

Chicago State University has a lot to offer! From bachelor’s degrees to certificates, master’s degrees to non-degree programs, there’s something for almost everyone.
In this article, we’ll get a closer look at the various programs and degrees CSU offers.

Undergraduate Programs

Chicago State University offers over 30 bachelor’s degrees in fields from business to engineering. You will get a supportive and nurturing learning environment. The courses are designed to make sure you get the skills you need for your career.
Faculty are highly qualified and committed to giving quality education. You can do research, internships, and hands-on learning experiences too. At CSU, you can also get counseling services, tutoring, academic advising, and career services.

Graduate Programs

Chicago State University offers grad programs to help students get to their desired career. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Programs: Business Admin, Education, Public Health, Psychology and more.
  2. Accreditation: All programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).
  3. Part-time: Programs offer part-time for busy schedules.
  4. Online: Many programs are available online for extra flexibility.
  5. Internships: Many programs include internships and hands-on experiences.
  6. Affordability: Chicago State University has affordable grad programs for many fields and career paths.

Professional Programs

Chicago State University offers a host of professional programs and degrees. Six things to know about them:

  1. Over thirty professional programs are available, e.g. Business Administration, Nursing, Education, and Criminal Justice.
  2. Both online and traditional classroom formats are available, for flexible learning.
  3. Graduate programs are on offer too, such as Master’s and Doctorates.
  4. Career Development Office to help with job search and networking.
  5. Scholarships, grants, and financial aid are available.
  6. Professors are experts in their fields, with real-world experience and cutting-edge research.

Admission Requirements

Chicago State University offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees, and it’s an accredited four-year university. The admission requirements vary, depending on the degree you want. Let’s check the general requirements and then delve into each one.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Chicago State University has specific admission requirements which applicants must meet. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. A high school diploma or the equivalent is mandatory.
  2. You must submit either an ACT or SAT score.
  3. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required.
  4. English language proficiency is mandatory for those for whom it is not a native language.
  5. There’s a nonrefundable application fee.
  6. Deadlines are in place for each semester.

Pro Tip: Thoroughly research and understand the admission requirements before submitting your application!

Graduate Admission Requirements

Chicago State University has six requirements for admission to its graduate programs. They are:

  1. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
  2. A minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  3. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended.
  4. GRE, GMAT, or other standardized test scores, depending on the program.
  5. At least two letters of recommendation from academic or professional sources.
  6. A statement of purpose detailing the applicant’s goals and past experience.

Knowing these requirements can help applicants ensure they meet the criteria for Chicago State University.

Transfer Admission Requirements

Chicago State University has rules for transfer applicants. Here are 6 facts you need to be aware of:

  1. GPA: Need a min. 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale for admission.
  2. Credits: Need 24 transferable credits from an accredited school.
  3. English: Test like TOEFL/IELTS if English isn’t your native language.
  4. Deadline: May 1st for the Fall semester and November 1st for Spring.
  5. Fee: $25 application fee.
  6. Docs: Official transcripts from all prior schools.

Pro Tip: Carefully review each college’s admission requirements to meet the criteria.

Student Life

CSU in Chicago offers students plenty of ways to get involved and make their college experience memorable. From clubs and sports to community service options, there’s something for everyone. Plus, there are a range of cultural, educational, and recreational events to check out, such as art exhibits, lectures, dances, and sporting events.
Let’s explore what student life at CSU has to offer!

Housing and Residence Life

Housing and Residence Life is a key part of student life at Chicago State University. Here are 6 facts about the housing available on campus:

  1. CSU offers on-campus housing, including Library Suites, Cougar Apartments, and University Housing.
  2. All housing options come with air conditioning, furniture, wifi, and cable TV. Plus, there’s 24/7 front desk service.
  3. The Library Suites have four bedrooms, living rooms, and full kitchens. The Cougar Apartments come with full kitchens, living rooms, and a gym.
  4. University Housing has single and shared rooms.
  5. All residence halls are located on campus and have access to the library, computer lab, laundry, and dining hall.
  6. To apply, students must complete the online application, submit a housing deposit and register for classes.

Athletics and Sports

At Chicago State University, there are 6 important things to know when it comes to student life & athletics:

  1. The university has teams & clubs such as baseball, softball, golf, track & field, & volleyball.
  2. Free tickets to home athletic games are available.
  3. Fitness classes & intramural sports are offered.
  4. A well-equipped Fitness Center is provided to all students.
  5. Student-athletes get academic advisement & specialized tutoring services.
  6. NCAA Division I athletics membership provides exposure & opportunities to compete.

Pro Tip: Balance your studies with athletic participation. Prioritize, set a schedule, & use resources.

Student Organizations and Activities

As a Chicago State University student, engaging in student organizations and activities is a must! Here’s what you should know:

  1. CSU offers a wide range of student orgs – from academic to cultural, political to sports groups.
  2. The Office of Student Life oversees and backs recognized student organizations.
  3. Throughout the year, CSU arranges various events and activities – such as homecoming, international festivals, and career fairs.
  4. Student orgs and activities are great for building your professional network and connecting with alumni.
  5. Participating in student organizations and activities will help you develop leadership skills, and aid your resume.
  6. Students can create their own student orgs on campus, by following the set guidelines of the Office of Student Life.

Pro tip: Make the most out of Chicago State University’s student organizations and activities! This is a great way to broaden your horizons and gain invaluable experiences.

Faculty and Staff

Chicago State University students have talented and devoted faculty and staff around them. These personnel are committed to aiding students in reaching their educational and career objectives. Plus, they have an average experience of over 10 years–showing the high-quality learning experience CSU provides.
Let’s learn 6 facts about CSU’s faculty and staff!

Overview of the Faculty and Staff

Chicago State University shines with an experienced faculty and staff. Here’s what to know:

  1. Over 400 full-time faculty members are experts in their fields and committed to student success.
  2. With a faculty-to-student ratio of 1:14, personal attention and interaction between instructors and students is possible.
  3. Over 500 staff members work in different departments like admissions, financial aid, and student services.
  4. Faculty and staff uphold the university’s mission of promoting academic excellence, diversity, and social responsibility.
  5. Chicago State University values diversity and creates a welcoming environment.
  6. Professional development opportunities for faculty and staff are available, so they can keep up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices.

Faculty Accomplishments and Awards

Chicago State University has a faculty body that is committed to excellence in research, teaching, and community engagement. This has resulted in various awards and accomplishments.
Some noteworthy achievements include:

  • Dr. Liangqing Li, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, won a National Science Foundation grant of $293,000 for improving cloud security.
  • Dr. Lisa M. Green, Chairperson of the Department of Communication, Media, and Theatre, got a Fulbright Scholarship to teach media and communications in Norway.
  • Dr. Ajit Singh, a Professor of Physics, was granted a sum of over $1 million from the Consortium for Unlocking Ligand-Gated Ion Channels for the Treatment of Pain.
  • Dr. Barbara Antoniazzi, Associate Professor of Health Studies, was chosen as a fellow of the Fulbright Specialist Program in Global Public Health.
  • Dr. Anthony Overton, Director of CSU’s Center for Computational Research, was elected as a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
  • Dr. Ula Y. Taylor, Professor of African American Studies, received a National Endowment for the Humanities grant of over $150,000 to compose a book about “Black War Workers in the Jim Crow South.”

These awards and accomplishments demonstrate the dedication and expertise of the Chicago State University faculty. They continue to make major contributions to their respective fields.

Research Centers and Institutes

Chicago State University has plenty of research centers and institutes. Here are 6 facts about them:

  1. CSU has over 10 of these research entities.
  2. They offer grants, scholarships, and fellowships to students and faculty.
  3. Chicago State University believes in advancing academic research.
  4. The focus of the Research Centers & Institutes is on environmental studies, cultural studies, and public health.
  5. They partner up with external businesses and organizations to carry out scientific studies.
  6. They support students and faculty to expand their knowledge base.

Pro Tip: Take advantage of these Research Centers & Institutes at Chicago State University for hands-on experience and to gain research expertise.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Chicago State University provides several financial aid options! These encompass scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programs. Here, we’ll cover the different types of financial aid available to CSU students. Additionally, we’ll talk about ways to earn scholarships and apply for grants.
The financial aid options available at CSU are:

  • Scholarships: CSU offers a variety of scholarships to its students, including merit-based scholarships, need-based scholarships, and departmental scholarships.
  • Grants: Grants are similar to scholarships, except they are typically need-based and do not need to be repaid. Some of the grant options at CSU include the Federal Pell Grant and the Illinois State MAP grant.
  • Loans: Loans allow students to borrow money which must be repaid with interest. CSU offers several loan options including Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans.
  • Work-study programs: These programs provide students with part-time jobs on campus which help offset the cost of tuition and fees.

There are also ways to earn scholarships and apply for grants, including:

  • Research different financial aid options and apply to as many as possible
  • Make sure to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Check with the CSU Financial Aid Office for additional resources and opportunities

Overview of Financial Aid Options

Financial aid for college is available to help students and families pay for higher education costs. Forms of aid include scholarships, grants, work-study programs, and loans. These help pay for tuition fees, books, and living expenses.
Six things to know about financial aid and scholarships at Chicago State University:

  1. The deadline to apply for aid is January 15th.
  2. File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  3. Scholarships are available for certain academic and financial need requirements.
  4. The Federal Work-Study Program offers money and work experience.
  5. Loans are an option but should be used as a last resort.
  6. Research and apply for financial aid early to increase your chances of receiving aid.

Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and grants can be a great help in financing your education. Chicago State University provides many options for students who need to pay for tuition. Here are six things to know about the financial aid and scholarships at CSU:

  1. Merit-based scholarships are automatically considered when you are admitted.
  2. The university offers special scholarships for certain majors, like nursing or education.
  3. You can also try for external scholarships and grants from organizations outside of the university.
  4. CSU also has need-based grants which require a FAFSA.
  5. You should meet with a financial aid counselor and submit all documents by the deadline.
  6. CSU also offers a work-study program that gives part-time job opportunities to make money towards tuition.

In conclusion, Chicago State University has tons of opportunities to help with paying for college tuition, like merit-based scholarships, major-specific scholarships, and grants.

Tuition and Fees Information

Tuition and Fees are key when looking to study at Chicago State University. And, exploring financial aid and scholarships is equally vital to make higher education more affordable.
Here are 6 things to know about financial aid and scholarships at the University:

  1. You can apply for financial aid annually. The amount may differ according to income, family size, and academic success.
  2. The priority deadline to submit financial aid applications is March 1st. Apply early to increase your chances of getting aid.
  3. Chicago State has lots of scholarships, including merit-based and those for particular majors and programs.
  4. It also provides scholarships for transfer, continuing, and graduate students.
  5. External scholarships from organizations and private donors are possible too. They can often be put towards your education costs.
  6. Track scholarship deadlines and requirements. Apply for as many as you can to boost your chances of getting financial assistance.


What programs does Chicago State University offer?

Chicago State University offers a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs in areas such as business, education, health sciences, liberal arts and sciences, and more.

What is the student-to-faculty ratio at Chicago State University?

The student-to-faculty ratio at Chicago State University is 15:1, providing students with ample opportunities for one-on-one interaction with faculty and personalized attention in the classroom.

What is the campus culture like at Chicago State University?

Chicago State University is a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive community that celebrates the richness of its student body and fosters a culture of intellectual curiosity, social engagement, and personal growth.

Does Chicago State University offer financial aid?

Yes, Chicago State University offers a variety of financial aid options, including scholarships, grants, work-study programs, and loans, to help make college more affordable for qualifying students.

What is the location of Chicago State University?

Chicago State University is located on the South Side of Chicago, with easy access to the city’s many cultural, artistic, and recreational offerings, as well as major transportation hubs.

What are the admission requirements for Chicago State University?

Admission requirements for Chicago State University vary by program but generally include a completed application, official transcripts, standardized test scores (if applicable), and letters of recommendation. International students may be required to provide additional documentation, such as TOEFL scores.

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