What Time Is It In Chicago Illinois

What Time Is It In Chicago Illinois

Chicago Illinois Vlog 2022| Journey to Chicago

What'' s up people i ' m here in chicago illinois so what ' s up people i simply entered into o ' hare airport in chicago illinois so i ' m in the area with a number of my pals and.

We ' re gon na go have a look at the yankees and the white sox series this weekend it ' s my very first time in chicago so i ' m quite stired i'' m gon na go have a look at what the city needs to provide so i simply left a red eye from san diego to chicago and i'' m tired did not sleep on the airplane however i believe i'' m gon na go right to get.

Something to consume and i had a look at this dining establishment lou mitchell'' s in downtown chicago it ' s like an old cool structure allegedly it'' s respectable breakfast so i believe that'' s the very first stop yes chicago o'' hare airport is really among the larger airports in the united states since of its area it'' s one.

Of like the main centers particularly for stopovers so and it'' s expected to be about 80 degrees here in chicago today so ideally that holds up all right so i reached lou mitchell'' s this location is open for like breakfast lunch and supper it'' s like a regional health spa it ' s been around for a long.

Time it ' s like 98 years of ages so let ' s go inspect it out so they got all sorts of like cool pancakes and things we'' ve got the belgian waffle with some pecan and bacon in there it likewise provides you some donut holes now onto the sears tower sky deck.

You stroll out of loom mitchells and there'' s the sears willis tower get some brand-new york vibes here however it'' s a lot quieter in brand-new york it'' s certainly a lot less individuals on the streets so one of the popular things in chicago is the river that kind of runs through.

The city so i'' ll be doing the river stroll a little later however this becomes part of it yeah it'' s simply a little'it ' s quite peaceful giordano'' s likewise a popular deep meal pizza location another thing i consider when i think about chicago is the train that go sort of.

Above the roadway so this sort of ambiance so this appears like the monetary district this appears like brand-new york city huge time obviously path 66 goes through chicago i found out about this location for popcorn smells truly excellent in garrett'' s good little park location.

I got a couple minutes prior to i increase the sears tower the sky deck so this is inside the sears tower so i got all the history it'' s insane.

I believe we go'in here it'' s like we ' re on a trip we'' re truly not it does seem like we ' re moving all the chicago consumes absolutely getting deep meal i ' m not the most significant fan of heights so this is gon na be intriguing there he is legends.

I believe i'' m going the proper way i keep strolling in like these labyrinths this is ill oh my god that is high so the sears willis tower is the 2nd biggest in the u.s it was the biggest for a long period of time up until one world trade.

Was constructed um like at 1700 feet high this is like 1400 feet high so um another thing you can see i believe 4 states from up here see indiana so obviously indiana.

It'' s escape there i guess on a clear day when they clean these things this was likewise a location where they shot ferris bueller'' s day of rest this was among the very first things they did when they concerned chicago got ta have your present store ah this is the million dollar evaluation.

I was strolling all around there this is insane i wear'' t understand if the cam demonstrates how high this truly is however we got an ideal day get some alcone bobble bobbleheads this is quite cool however when you examine the edge it does get sort of freaky and i get like insane stress and anxiety it is.

Truly high so i question if that is the uh wed with kids water fountain i'' m not exactly sure yeah that'' s the art institute i believe the bean is someplace over there and there ' s like the other part of downtown soldier field is over there where the.

Bears play can ' t see it behind the structures yep so this is where ferris bueller was shot right in this area so out there is wisconsin and wrigley fields out there someplace it'' s tough to inform so i am on the ledge this is insane i.

Don'' t wish to look down that ' s insane yeah this is insane i ' m not going any more out that is nuts that'is so frightening oh that ' s for the chicago bulls play anyways to get my mind off of this.

I believe i'' m going to go back extremely cool uh i put on'' t believe anybody there it is for the night cap and our very first day in chicago we'' re gon na strike up the New York City yankees versus the chicago white sox and get this the name of the arena is.

Surefire rate field that is a real story it'' s called ensured fantastic field makes no sense however that'' s the name of the arena yeah and here we are at kamisky park i suggest ensured excellent field.

There it is got some excellent seats i think these men really came through some lovely ill seats so the yankees supervisor simulated an individualized message on cameo for our friend who'' s marrying greg.

Aaron boone here with the New York City yankees and i simply wished to connect to praise you on your upcoming marital relationship and invite you to chicago i hope it'' s treating you well up until now i understand you and your kids are going out to the video game uh the next number of nights paul d row a b huge pet and mook.

I hope you people are having a fun time here in the windy city what a great weekend we'' re having seems like summer season suddenly so that'' s extremely cool i understand your long-lasting yanks fan and the jv skipper for bethel high school and uh i understand you'' re getting wed in july to deidre and uh i wish to want you

All the finest and understand that it'' s gon na go excellent and uh ideally uh you'' re delighting in some yankee baseball to begin this season ideally we can supply you with some more fantastic minutes and memories along the method and uh delight in the weekend with your with your pals.

Congratulations have a fantastic weekend and let'' s go yankees make sure greg thank you people are on television.

These are respectable seats huh actually the 1-2 we'' re in the 2nd row oh he'' s got him that ' s great hustle alaska did a great hustle it ' s basic right there.

There he is guy the legend aaron judge he looks smaller sized in reality here we go battle oh drama.

oh they ran all the method out here for absolutely nothing they put on'' t wish to cheat they put on'' t desire it they wear ' t desire it.

Anthony what'' s up infant pay the next similar to i taught you aaron our batting practice worked.

yes let'' s go let ' s go.

baseball sir we enjoy you nestor so i got a great deal of excellent video there.

Day 2 in chicago shot down for this man'' s bachelor celebration grant we'' re gon na strike up grant park initially that one we'' re wed with kids the opening of american kids'' s comedy was shot so it'' s right up here so here is the terrific lakes chicago.

This resembles best throughout from memorial water fountain memorial water fountain the buckingham memorial water fountain is set to be switched on today at midday so we'' ll return for that yeah insane that this is really a lake and not like an ocean or an inlet or something looks.

Substantial it completely looks like a an ocean saltwater however it'' s not soldier field is right over there where the bears play so there'' s navy pier'that ' s another like touristy thing we'' ll do that later in fact it'' s the next time of year to come you got the cherry blooms.

All flowering lastly warm here really calm out there so when in chicago among the important things you got to do is struck up navy pier so we'' re going to go examine this location out so there'' s harry carey ' s pub here carrie was a popular broadcaster for the.

Cubs neglecting the water so completion of the pier is quite good particularly in a great day absolutely come out here you can see the water extremely calm out there the within that'' s remarkable yeah what is that it'' s.

Like an atrium garden it'' s atrium so we ' re striking up al ' s italian beef apparently respectable so you can get it with like sweet peppers and things and after that dip it in the real sauce al'' s italian beef is actually great there'' s.

A couple areas in chicago however absolutely examine that out they dip the sandwiches in like the aju sauce is truly great got ta examine it out french fries were excellent so this stretch north of michigan opportunity is the stunning mile in chicago and it'' s like generally the heart of the shopping.

District location is really comparable to like rockefeller center you got like mvc structure and after that throughout here resembles the plaza of the americas sort of got that sort of sensation so this is the wrigley structure michigan opportunity bridge.

You got the river yep um this is among the coolest functions of chicago the river and things this is a great little stretch great deals of stores dining establishments.

It'' s actually cool here ' s the chicago riverwalk see those parking areas for that house location that'' s quite cool so now we ' re in millennium park where the uh cloud gate statue is likewise called the bean.

We'' re going to go back to the grant park water fountain ideally that'' s up and running this is a amphitheater i had to modest myself and reject myself gon na stroll under this thing there i am so behind me is the buckingham water fountain.

Which remains in grant park and this resembles a quite popular icon in the city of chicago it was utilized in the starting introduction scene and wed with kids the funny program from the 80s they likewise have a celebration going on today and this was the very first day they'' re changing on the water fountains so i had an excellent general couple days here.

In chicago illinois initially journey here we did a lot we did many of the things on the list the only thing we truly didn'' t do was go to wrigley field uh however the cubs were out of town so we did whatever else i'' m gon na go back to the chicago white sox video game tonight then uh back house tomorrow.

Absolutely a cool city um really much better than i expected you understand it was extremely enjoyable in the riverwalk that'' s a various thing to see various parks things like that actually excellent food here and all that so i hope you enjoyed this vlog in chicago and thanks for enjoying see you people next time wear'' t forget to subscribe.

Our seats aren'' t here you are piece of monty fishing though hi yo let'' s go i enjoy you suggestions.


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