Georgia Tech Vs Loyola Chicago Prediction

Georgia Tech Vs Loyola Chicago Prediction

Georgia Tech vs Duke|2023.1.28|NCAAB Game

Davion Smith late clock late video game scenario they require the ball to his hand and he requires to make plays for Georgia Tech to win tonight we are all set to go from mccanish Pavilion group 2 of our quadruple header that was an excellent one in Winston-Salem to get it began it was a great video game regrettably the Deeks my Deeks took the hell today however NC.

State hard group play remarkably well Duke on the roadway in the black attempting to resolve this Georgia Tech Zone early on they play zone 12th the majority of any group in the nation Cherry roach 10x from Deep back into the beginning lineup on the other hand for Georgia Tech you discussed Davon Smith 3 double doubles in his last 5 video games and after that Miles Kelly is their.

Leading scorer at 13 a video game they'' re gon na need to cut actually well actually baffled Duke and they'' re changing defense if they wish to score easily Denial on Miles Kelly Josh pastner you'' re 7 he informed us the story today about hiring John Shire back in 2005. attempt to get him to go to Arizona.

The weekend of that go to Arizona had actually lost in the elite 8 they have actually blown their huge lead over Illinois so Josh pastner stated to us today is about one of the worst gos to you might ever picture it was actually bad even Josh was attempting to be great about him to describe how bad of a go to it in fact was Rodney Howard with the very first points for.

Georgia Tech John China alters his beginning lineup you heard Kelsey speak about no Tariq Whitehead he'' s out after the injury on Monday that we ' ll reveal you so roach in Lively in and this was the white head injury in Blacksburg on Monday frightening sight if you'' re a Duke fan or simply a fan of anybody you wear ' t desire anybody to get injured when you see.

Something like that getting that back leg like that terrific news it ' s simply a lower leg injury he ' ll return eventually we put on'' t understand precisely when however simply a fantastic news that he'' ll be going back to college basketball John Shire informed us about an hour earlier here pregame it'' s a ligament pressure it ' s not Achilles which was excellent to see.

Since that was everybody'' s fear it ' s not top either however like you stated lower leg ligament stress that ' ll keep him out you understand what it is it'' s among those terms that a coach can'' t pronounce so you simply state lower left 2nd 3 for Jeremy roach who is healthy and producing early up well it'' s a terrific indication for Duke the.

Jeremy roaches back and he'' s playing well however for Georgia Tech you got to have a bit of issue due to the fact that their strategy is to safeguard the size and land the Duke inside and they wish to yield the three-point shots however today Jeremy roach is off to a hot start making 2 shots from down Beyond The.

Arc that'' s what Josh Pastor informed us at shoot around today if they make 14 3s we'' ll pack up we ' ll attempt it once again in the midweek yeah often we simply accept it Rodney Howard bounces beneath for Jalen Moore who had it roll off the rim it'' s a rebound fought 4 by more however Duke protects It Up by Four early on.

We do win in Princeton offense the method Georgia Tech does the huge male has to have more helps you run the offense through your bigs in that mid post and they do a lot of handling of the basketball so their capability to strike Cutters and great man open Shooters is huge like that phillipowski cutting at that end of the flooring off the shipment.

From Blackley and phillipowski did the line simply him lowering the lane and dude simply assaulting Georgia Tech'' s defense they need to choose how they wish to secure ball screens they hitched Rodney Howard late returning in the paint to assist and when you'' re safeguarding the God is.

Scoring like that he simply discovered methods which method if he'' s not you understand getting on the post not shooting 3s you wear'' t wish to leave the very best lead the very best gamer on the flooring and Phillip real estate touch down the lane and I ain'' t shooting too with 4 directly double doubles he'' s got 10 overall take a look at the numbers these last 4 video games for Kyle.

Filipowski simply as excellent as anyone in the nation today over that period I suggest 4 video games I imply that'' s that ' s Big Time number you wear'' t see those numbers from freshmen however he'' s simply indicated absolutely nothing except exceptional and the method he'' s been doing it'and it'' s simply it ' s simply incredible to me and.

We ' ll enter that later on I indicate a man did few saw this from if you went to Duke and saw them early in the year he didn'' t believe he ' d be playing this well regardless of being the number 7 hire in the nation that ' s what John Shire stated to his pregame that sturdivance seeds it at Mid court for Georgia Tech.

With simply 2 points 3 minutes in up until the start of it leap he'' s great in the mid-range he'is he'' s much he ' s extremely comfy in getting to bring up dive shots they'' re gon na require to take those shots I suggest Duke'' s going to eliminate 3s they desired a much better three-point protecting groups with a three-point line and likewise securing the.

Babbling they'' re going to yield mid-range shot for 30 minutes actions in and knocked one down ski turned it over you got satisfied defensively by Rodney Howard that'' s the distinction in the elders bodies and the Freshman body right there freshman as much as he'' s worked and altered his physique.

There and this is what we'' re talking about now the pressure is having Rodney Howard turned his back and 2 not there for Davon Smith however an offending rebound and then Langley went directly up defensively on Howard Lively'' s doing what he does I imply he obstructs shots and he rebounds Tyrese.

Proctor off Target from Deep Lively on the stick back oh q and he'' s doing what he'you understand why he ' s been asserted into the lineup difficulty a little bit his strength is safeguarding the rim it'' s not the common offending ability set of what you believe of the number one gamer in the nation.

He safeguards and runs well along with anyone in the nation John shower informed this pregame he'' s coming discussing Lively dive shot impacted there off the arm of Miles Kelly and Duke keeps up Mark Mitchell The Freshman spinning required one up Lively back out additional pass Roach desired his 3rd 3 diminished by.

Began it Lobby'' s extremely active on both ends of the flooring they'' ve got an offending rebound last play he was objected to that dive shot also Debo Coleman links sophomore understood for his shooting however simply 31 from 3 this season requires to get more out of Debo Coleman he'' s efficient in it I believe he requires to.

Get himself more on the offending glass get himself entering video games he'' s certainly has the physicality to play in this video game from the post versus larger lineup to do all ideal Derek Lively makes his very first Collegiate 3 on simply his 5th effort and we discussed it you asked me why was he shooting 3s in the pregame and.

That'' s why take that Mike Monaco yeah go figure he is coming certainly and this is what Mike uh Lively does also you see he'' s making Rodney Howard extended catch start of it kicks it pull back late shot clock for Davon Smith with philipowski.

On him Smith brief cleared by Mitchell to lapowski knocks it down terrific start for Duke on the roadway we'' re having a three-point shooting contest here in Midtown and Dirk Lively signed up with the three-point shootings off this group is improving which is fun time as you'' re heading to February for the last 11 video games of the ACC he.

Said to us he seemed like Duke beat Clemson for 35 minutes because close video game and after that Virginia Tech what a method for the Hokies to leave the Schneider on Monday simply a you understand Virginia Tech who what do you state about that group you got 2 ACC wins versus Duke and Carolina and lose to everybody in between however that.

Group'' s lastly healthy now they'' re playing excellent basketball it ' s constantly hard to beat them in blackberg and amazing Duke now they'' re figuring things out this is a group that'' s been banged up missing out on a fair bit of men they sanctuary'' t had their lineup for 12 men all year long 12 video games rather all year long.

Shot to draw from Jalen Moore Georgia Tech with 7 points here in these very first 6 minutes however this belongs of the video game I believed Georgia Tech needs to be proficient at Baseline out of bounds after timeout and Silent rebound they need to win that video game that'' s a video game within itself scoring where it ' s unscripted having the ability to.

Slip some baskets in had a chance today and simply turned it over they'' re coming out for 21 Point loss at Clemson at Little John on Tuesday and Josh pastner stated after the video game possibly 4 or 5 times we can'' t rating he was simply regreting the truth that they ' re getting great appearances however'they ' ve truly had a hard time offensively so to your point that'' s.

Where you got to take some Pockets yeah we spoke about it which group was the very best three-point shooting group for this video game delight in the tech requires to make about 10 I believed the win and style concurred that that'' s a great top for 2 from 3 up until now there'' s an offending rebound for Rodney Howard and he will go to the luck fantastic task sealing.

That within had a guard attempting to box him out of them entered a vibrant having the ability to seal him off a truly excellent task of getting on a glass and being physical when he'' s been out there yeah we ' ve seen that a couple of times he goes to the line for Josh passner he might simply feel the aggravation from.

Josh passner today and in those post video game remarks Tuesday he presumed regarding state he simply can'' t toss it in the ocean no standing on a tank due to the fact that when you'' re standing in you put on'' t have the capability to make shots it simply makes the video game harder and you get in this round of conference play versus video game groups like Duke they'' re going to change.

Whatever so a great deal of your half court sets it'' s simply not going to work unless you got ta attack switches and slips however they got a couple of appearances early it simply boils down to you at some time you got to make shots they simply wear'' t have as lots of people as duke as when the play breaks down however hey go get me a pail which'' s simply.

Not Georgia Tech strength today on the offending end they'' re within seventh Mitchell drives and his go through the arms and the 3rd turnover by Duke up until now great concept the Mitch would simply drive I put on'' t believe Lobby was anticipating him to toss the ball to him great concept simply bad execution however you.

Like the unselfish basketball there all in the hands of Tristan Maxwell the junior just playing in his 21st profession video game understood for some scoring off the bench has actually handled a great deal of various concerns over his 3 years on the flats they'' re having chances here with their movement off the ball they'' re simply not seeing the open Cutters today.

more off the mark from deep and back to Duke all right that'' s not the shot you desire more is just 3 or 21 of the Year shooting 14 and 3 they'' re having people however they'' re doing credit Duke ' s defense they ' re pushing that high post person requiring him to turn his back he can'' t.

See the movement and Cutters behind him which'' s injuring him injuring his type to Ryan young check in for Derek Lively who provided 7 strong minutes out of evictions for John Shire Mitchell turn the corner a great deal of contact and Mitchell through that context I'' m simply such a substantial fan of Mark Mitchell I believe he plays his function as.

Well as anybody I imply he'' s a three-and-d man turns the corner here takes the contact and surfaces with the right-hand man and once again numbers are excellent scoring actually well I imply these men shoot almost 50 from the flooring and 42 from 3 which simply informs you when young men portions are that high they understand what they understand who they are and I believe.

He plays that function his function in this group extremely well and it dropped to the 2nd nasty on Jalen Moore goes to the bench for Josh pastner they'' re going to review and validate who the nasty'' s on it got revealed here as Kyle Sturdivant however it is on more therefore it is his 2nd yeah I believe enthusiastic.

Led it and understood that was simply a mix-up it'' s a three-point play and the lead is 10. what a high-end to have the 20th ranked hire in the nation come out in the 10th ranked hire can be found in foreign basketball group today it'' s excellent.

Defense there blanks took it far from Sturtevant who then dedicates the Foust his very first after the swipe from the masked guy James with the Batman mask on Jalen Blake'' s has actually simply been their finest on-ball protector and completes on both ends of the flooring and he'' s been excellent all year by themselves ball defense and simply doing what he does.

When he is available in do you wish to offer us a Batman voice I wear'' t have a great one alright me either sorry I won'' t do it however I enjoy the mask though I do too I like the mask John Shire informed this pregame he believes Blake is still adapting to it you'' ll see more minutes out of him with white hat hurt Bebo Coleman assisted.

Defensively he'' s still 19 delegated strive Duke you'' re so worried if the Joe investigator you'' re simply attempting to keep whatever in front and excellent appearance by philipowski Debo comes down on the weak side and obstructs it and rapasky simply got fulfilled at the rim Georgia Tech runs Maxwell lays it in Duke presses right back with Blakes.

Assaulting obstructed by Howard coats run once again Maxwell drops it off for Miles Kelly and Georgia Tech developing some momentum here in the very first half that goes on what we spoke about getting some chances you get some previous break points you got to take a few of those you understand they require to go out and get as.

Numerous fast baskets as possible eight-point Duke lead 8 minutes in on the flats in Atlanta running a food kitchen can be great maxed out checked that 45 and a half inches on his vertical he stated that remained in pre-season screening and after that they likewise have actually checked once again a number of times throughout the season.

I wear'' t understand what it ' s like to get up that high instead of flying in Georgia Tech Trail by 8 with the shot clock unwinding on Tristan Maxwell who bounces within for Howard back out Coleman off Target at the horn excellent task safeguarding narrow guy interacting on his switch is not.

Leaving Georgia Tech to get anything simple foreign Defender today he wishes to get to his area and simply shoot right over men so credit Joe to Tech and Debo great hands by Maxwell as philipowski.

Flash to the block thank you God have actually viewed gamers and not the person out of bounds so he passes the ball and Bounds there rapidly moved for young losing consciousness of the post great interior passing young surfaces and a nasty it'' s challenging to come down you.

Nearly got to leave him individually he'' s simply remarkable Passover scene right over top of the defense you simply got to leave him there versus ranked late rotation down by Maxwell there and you can miss out on the nasty he'' s simply difficult to attempt to arrive so Ryan young to the stripe Northwestern.

Transfer who Georgia Tech hired extremely tough idea they had him out of the portal Josh pastner informed us that he did believe he was going to get Ryan young got him into the Masters program here with young wishing to step company down the roadway and Ryan young stated today that he liked.

How he would have suited the Georgia Tech offense with a post gamer operating from the elbow well you understand the number of times uh so the number of schools have actually lost the gamers that Duke'' s hired so I can register for a couple of people so I no one'' s going to sympathize with Josh on that one however no he was he was close I believe he felt.

Truly comfy around Young it'' s going to come here however hey he made a fantastic option I imply you can make the argument and I believe I would make the argument that he'' s been Duke ' s 2nd finest gamer this year he ' s been so constant and he brings a measurement that they wear ' t have when whatever breaks down they can toss the ball.

Inside to him in'a post and he ' s a load down there and a post turning over that left shoulder and they can play through him yes when whatever breaks down they'' re not making dive shots due to the fact that this is not an excellent three-point shooting group so when they'' re having a hard time a bit they discover him in the post and he assists them.

When their offense get stagnant he goes to the bench Lively changes him as philipowski divides at the stripe with Duke doubling up Georgia Tech Midway through this very first half Jaden shoot is preparing to come into the ballgame also for Duke hasn'' t played in 3 and a half weeks Smith penetrating Lively attempting to stick.

With him Jayvon Franklin flash drives and surfaces fantastic surface there by Draymond getting to his left hand getting to his left hand off the drive Duke is so tough inside there due to the fact that they got 2 7 Footers on the flooring so if you manage phillipowski you got loudly there difficult shot it'' s an excellent drive and surface there.

Versus the Zone roach into the mid-range no Lively'' s been excellent Howard fulfilled him up leading Maxwell hoists and strikes shift once again for Georgia Tech those are the shots you require to get here you got to get stops and attack this defense prior to they ready they obstruct them shots in shift terrific 3 there by Maxwell.

The Lebowski high low in live lead goes right back to phillipowski who couldn'' t Corral it and a 4th Duke turnover of a turn over here wish to attempt to deal with the shift here discussing the offending battles for Georgia Tech so Josh passner has actually been stating we'' ve got to have quick break.

Points and we ' ve got to have 2nd possibility points and got ta limitation turnovers too fantastic terrific block Bob Bradley Howard getting up lock and Lobby shot running the flooring and Maxwell rewarding his group for getting him the ball in the three-point line Georgia Tech remaining there'' s no stopping these people'they ' ve been.

Competitive all year and I put on'' t see anything altering in spite of the 8-12 record one and 9 in the ACC obviously their only win versus leading 25 Miami Proctor no offending rebound Mitchell obstructed once again by Howard and along the sidelines Smith got out of bounds Rodney Howe has actually been impressive early in the video game he'' s.

Obstructing shots he'' s been physical inside this is a Underside group he'' s the only person that matches the size of physicality of this Duke group and if you pass him I wear'' t understand how you take him out of the video game he made a big effect Four Points 5 rebounds 2 blocks now for Howard and to your point he'' s played all 11 minutes he has however his.

Physicality you can see I indicate he'' s the one person I believe can secure to Duke cutting edge male to male philipowski on the interior backs it out for Mitchell with 7 to shoot this time they'' re going to yield three-point shooting they understand that and.

Okay that'' s the 5th 3 up until now in the very first half this afternoon for Duke and they'' re going to make those shots you simply tip your hair to them and prepare for the next video game however they'' re going to practice and manage the lane since they understand they need to rebound something that'' s followed.

This Duke group has actually been their capability to rebound the basketball they'' re among the country ' s best Franklin driving excellent defense from philipowski and last Touch by Franklin that'' s tough play there Devon Franklin you put on'' t wish to leave your feet when you drive to drive play off 2 feet got in the air there and you.

Certainly wear'' t wish to pass the 16 people around he requires to beat they put on'' t get that low'let ' s get those balls out believe me I got chewed out a mini a day attempting to pass bounce passes to a huge they desire those up leading towards the rim Tim Duncan desired it a little bit greater yeah simply a bit simply a bit.

I required a great go by Proctor for shoot too strong rebound Maxwell that'' s what you got to do restrict him to one shot and rebound no matter what that shot is they choose to be a 3 like that and you cope with the cause Duke returned in shift and after that they nasty Tristan Maxwell.

Credit George Tech they got the strategy they'' re going to stay with it you'understand you ' ll be yielding they ' re gon na quit these 3s and you simply wish to state hi whatever shot is taken let'' s ensure we restrict the early morning not offering the mini offending relay however this belongs to the video game they got to score ultimately they need to rub out of.

Their Baseline out of bounds sort of unique groups they need to it'' s simply a part of the video game you got to win this part since you ' re going to resist the changing and all that half court the half court defense a minimum of press down on Howard who turns it over attempting to get in touch with Coleman 9 point Duke lead on the roadway here in.

Atlanta in the very first half three-point shooting reoccurs not as hot they'' re managing a bit let'' s see if they can choose that back up however for Georgia Tech they did what they require to do now they got to choose things up in the offending end if they wish to return in this video game Josh passner stated to us to shoot around all we'' ve talked.

About is winning the video game in the paint and as you'' ve detailed and did so there that'' s the gamble they ' re making that'' s the option that Duke for the season is 32 from 3 they make less than 7 per video game so that'' s his choice you need to you can'' t quit both since if you get expanded they'' re little Joe identifies a little group and this Duke is among the.

Greatest groups in the nation so when they spread you out we understand they'' re among the very best rebounding and offending rebounding groups in the nation they ' re taking that away they ' re playing the portions this Duke group just shoots 32 from the line from behind the arc so you wish to yield that you got to develop something and.

They'' re going to cope with a pack in our Zone run our normal Zone concepts shoot ran complimentary on the Baseline this is his 2nd Lively another offending rebound Proctor for 3 and the secret to that is you got it remove you got to get rid of Duke with one shot you can'' t let them understand if it'' s a rebound toss out broad open till 3.

And a three-point shooting contest continues 4 rebounds for dynamic they'' re all offending rebounds phillipowski did a great task sticking with Coleman and now Davon Smith with Mitchell pestering him shot clock listed below 10 for Maxwell Falling Away hard shot.

No excellent protective ownership there by Mission simply changing numerous times and keeping the ball out of out of the paint utilizing his light to object to now he'' s publishing up Smith fighting the front phillipowski oh tear drop after slashing on the rip through simply some competent simply capturing it shoots it off.

The drive off the 3 and publish up it'' s a hard match that ' s why he ' s playing along with anybody in the nation we step aside so quick for him he didn'' t play effectively I didn ' t come believing really extremely of him and young boy has he struck the switch and turn enhanced everybody incorrect and I'' m there with a lot of Scouts and being half the NBA groups.

Existed and he simply didn'' t have an actually excellent efficient day in those 2 days and to see what he'' s end up being is simply recognized to him and his personnel the effort and work he put in he looks positive he'' s revealing his capability and he appears like among the very best gamers in college basketball today doing it all.

Foul on the rebounding action breaks Duke I imply John shires stated to his pregame we were questioning if we were going to have the ability to play him this season and he informed us he needed to kick philipowski out of a practice Yeah I existed that day and when I heard the rank even heard he was ranked that high he was sort of like that kid won'' t play for the.

Device he'can ' t play it and he has actually simply been amazing to view in his advancement and his self-confidence and his body'' s growing and his strength of simply seeing how he'' s playing he ' s simply there ' s a strength about him that you didn ' t see in September that he'' s having fun with now and it'' s simply credit to him initially and after that the personnel can think.

In him and sticking to him and he'' s establishing to their man he'' s the man there he is going to deal with Franklin offending nasty very first nasty of Kyle Phillips that'' s part of being young also his advancement he had the benefit he simply gets the ball takes his time calms down a bit.

Darren I put on'' t believe he gets that nasty which left elbow there captured jaymon Franklin in the face and he'' s got to sit well that is an extremely comparable location to where I got typed the throat on Monday yeah wear'' t have me out here.

Safeguarding guy as a previous satanic force Deacon you'' re stating however no I believed that was a tough call I believed it needs to have been an ostentatious one when I saw it and I understand it would have turned the video game towards Purdue and providing him complimentary tosses in the ball late however in my eyes that was an ostentatious one.

Mitchell down the lane missed it at The Rim Georgia Tech wishes to run last number of shots have actually gone to Miles Kelly he scored his very first 2 then missed out on the 3 now Coleman driving held his pivot put and backs it out for Smith I believe those Tech requires to do more mindful effort of assaulting when you.

Get the ball in shift they'' re looking excessive to run that half court offense and I simply put on'' t believe they can those kind of shots it'' s a challenging shot there however by Davon Smith he can do that however I believe he'' s the only man late in the clock that they can develop shots on his own his very first points signing up with Kelly a couple.

Of belongings prior like we stated and Georgia Tech spending time within 9 with less than 5 to enter the very first half Lebowski preparing to come back in as Mitchell is fouled and Josh pastner is irritated ready to rip his coat up by ranked nab a coat off with that mother Franklin increased and I believed that.

Was a fantastic block there freshman got captured in the air going to his left side rather of shooting it with his right-hand man he shot it with his left and I believed jvon Franklin had a heck of a protective play there Josh pastner in the year 2023 stated he'' s quiting knocking the scorers table so.

It seems like the coat is the next source of where he gets his disappointment yeah he'' s gon na toss the coat here and come out of it quite quickly he'' s not going to slap the table however he'' s going to toss his coat and once again I believe shot obstructing and going out in.

Shift has actually been so important for this group they'' re going to require to get all the 2nd possibility points in chance that they that they can due to the fact that they'' re going to resist Duke'' s length in the half court 5 blocks for Georgia Tech currently and they'' ve scored a half lots quick.

Break points too Mitchell swirls that a person out so he divides and the lead is 10 Purdue another one benefit they have jaymon Franklin is a lot smaller sized than Howard however I believe he'' s a much better passer when you get the ball because mid post location a number of dive shots have actually opted for Smith.

And John Shire desires a timeout he'' s the person if you wish to get it going it'' s got to be choosing David Smith as he'' s signing up with the celebration scoring the last 5 for Jordan 2nd got a video game here in Midtown he'' s the person that can go develop a bit for them he'' s the man Lake shot clock everybody else requires the system and it'' s hard versus groups like Duke.

Since they change whatever so when they change they'' re going to require you to make plays he ' s one person that can make plays for himself and his colleagues you got a rebound East basket too there it is Smith arrived and after that attempted to wait through it pull back young beneath ratings simply hard luck there.

You like the effort anytime your 6 foot guard is out there lead your group in reboundings however simply attempt to toss it away to towards his basket and Duke'' s light simply captures it captures and ratings hard break for Joe identify there.

the advantage about Franklin and the poster I believe he'' s a much better password than Howard from this position which is important when you run a pressure design workplace Sean o'' clock unwinding on Smith missed out on the runner and the rebounds Jeremy Roach.

Okay Granderson with the entry for Ryan Young and man-to-man defense changing up the Zone a bit excellent seal great pass Villa powski the Plus the interior death of the Duke huge has actually simply been excellent they'' re capturing the.

Ball in the post and young is such a truly talented rating there and gets an angle on his Defender and simply drops it off to a simple dump there by philipowski he'' s got 10 to lead all scorers a great deal of area for Jalen Moore it'' s just struck 3 triples this season.

Of the video game playing there along with versus Georgia Tech they wish to require him to tear down shots and today Duke'' s making a bulk text now young going to work once again and Ryan young is cucking he'' s actually excellent in the post I indicate he is as talented he is their finest interior post gamer getting the ball and scoring and.

3 straight fantastic ownerships from how about Florida State and Virginia Tech I imply 2 groups that are now getting healthy and you take a look at their rankings in the conference and you'' re taking Florida State'' s a lot much better than that however they ' re much better than their records in conference gamer they'' re not groups you wish to play in February.

in Tallahassee too versus a ranked group can be found in you understand that the talk will be rocking Coleman spins one out the rebound nabbed by philipowski KIRO martinov freshman from Ontario 7 footer 10 in white is signed in for simply the 5th time this season it'' s.

Just played 14 minutes all year for Josh passner you require size on the flooring today he fouls philipowski Duke is so huge and they got a lot Lantern once again to reveal the tech group is very little you got to get some sides enters into the video game and he had he hadn'' t bet Philip real estate much it'' s like this huge person moving like a guard.

Out there eliminate the issue simply captures it and understands like hey this person hadn'' t played a lot to me discover him and get the ball and go make a play versus him that ' s the something this program has actually done to you for several years they will assault somebody that simply gets in the.

Video game pay our ladies'' s basketball cross dribble header is tomorrow Louisville Syracuse begins it off at midday Eastern then 16th ranked Duke versus number 24 Florida State followed by 15th ranked UNC swearing off in Clemson and after that Virginia Tech Virginia caps the Dead the lapowski mix both the lead is 15 as.

Big as it has actually been for Duke tonight see Duke is up and they wish to pass the ball to the mid post and begin the offense however Duke Biggs are up they'' re rejecting that pass they'' re not letting them capture it there at the elbow and they'' re going to yield that dive shot Rodney Howard stops the NATO run.

Rodney Howe has actually been fantastic this video game on both ends of 4 simply active on the offending glass hadn'' t got a great deal of offending appearances there and he'' s up playing like a wing in the zone today this zone is actually extended roach drives and kicks.

Now practic back for grandison yes terrific ball Movement by Duke driving getting the paint Force rotation lastly open shooter Howard look once again an air ball this time yeah and they'' re simply looking for responses the group.

Rodney Howard'' s been playing excellent took that swan song and knocked it down and they'' re going to provide it to him you understand they ' re going to provide him that shot and foreign a little brief however hey this Duke group'' s length is truly this group is coming together they'' re playing much better on the roadway we saw that when the current ratings.

They played Clemson hard they played Virginia Tech hard win healthy 2 of the much better groups in this league and even Joe find they'' ve lost 6 straight his group is contending and they do safeguard them they safeguard really well and they'' re one of the country ' s best with protecting a three-point line however when Duke is scoring the method they are.

Now shooting 6-13 from behind the line they'' re simply having it way early foreign off a terrific cut and the shipment from Jacob grandison to swell the result in 18 for Duke with a flurry to round off his very first half last 4 seconds Sturtevant got removed Coleman got it off and.

Can'' t knock it down and John Shire likes the surface for his Blue Devils to close the very first half he needs to since they'' ve done it on the protective end they did it on that belongings they'' ve done so up until now this half you understand this is why Europe 18 at the half did Georgia Tech you got to come out I believe they need to do a bit.

More and attack this group prior to the defense readies they 4th 5 turnovers however they have yet to score off to off any turnover and I believe Duke is doing an excellent task like that as you see requiring him to capture the ball outside a three-point line Evo Coleman with a strong take in Lively blocks him.

That'' s the effect of vibrant remaining in he'' s an outstanding shot block as we spoke about him I believe he and Franklin you understand I would both have actually played truly well is a five-man match in this video game Five Points 5 rebounds and now 3 blocks for Derek Lively philipowski'' s.

That'' s his advancement there in the post and after that penalizing the smaller sized Defender that'' s why this group is so frightening and his capability to play 4 and after that protect you on the boundary on this into the flooring I believe that'' s why this group distilling is going to continue to remain high since of philipowski'' s.

Flexibility he'' s out on Jalen Moore lost the manage recoverski obstructs the straight defense like we simply discussed his versus center on both ends of the flooring and when they get to Rick Whitehead back it'' s going to get even much better Mitchell all Duke out of evictions Josh pastner a minute 14 into the 2nd half requires a.

Timeout Duke is steamrolling the coats in Atlanta after Georgia Tech we'' re talking with him pregame and he stated well yeah naturally I'' ve hired Kyle too throughout his sophomore season of high school to Harvard then it appeared well he may be ranked a bit greater than where Harvard usually lands hires so the Harvard training.

Personnel naturally led by Tommy avaker they flank that for the Duke personnel fifth this may be a person you'' d have some interest in yeah when the man grows the 7 feet and the capability continues to enhance you type of understand when the rankings he soars the rankings that I run out our reaching Tommy Amica simply looking off the program.

He'' s extremely keen on it was fascinating talking with Brian eskelton too about what he saw in philipowski through his high school years and he stated I believed he would be a preliminary choice however I didn'' t believe this quickly that he would establish the lower half strength to play bowling ball and a few of what he'' s seeing on movie entering this.

Video game from philipowski up until now Mike I'' ve had we ' ve had several discussions today with individuals and you can testify that was the discussion originating from the personnel and now the other checking out personnel is speaking about nobody saw this from Kyle at the start of the season.

Proctor enters into the mid-range Smith the rebound this becomes part of the video game I believe Georgia Tech needs to assault Duke prior to they develop their defense power missed out on the shot and after that Mitchell is fouled by Davon Smith that'' s Smith 2nd I simply believe Georgia Tech needs to play a bit more like that.

Davon Smith simply he'' s the prominent rebound therefore athletic simply fighting on the glass and see a bit of a discouraging file there when you see shift you simply got ta take it prior to they'' re having a hard time Duke changes whatever so it'' s tough.

For them to score off their cutting and I believe the other underrated thing is when you run the Princeton design offense is most efficient when you'' re huge is an actually great pass that ' s not widening high with strength wow oh what a lot for vibrant from Tyrese Proctor male you can see that coming.

Howard how to roll off the rim protected by Lively and you put on'' t wish to enter into a leaping contest with a footer you put on'' t generally win those windows 7 foot one Derek Lively springing for that a person we got 7 and 5 why not desired a 2nd triple in one in the very first half.

Why not making 3s he'' s capturing bodies soaking on individuals why not shoot his 2nd one he'' s doing a terrific task of pressing how it out not letting him capture it as deep and Howard trying to find someplace to go now discovers Miles Kelly with simply 2 points till that 3 yeah he'' s the person he ' s.

Got to start also we spoke about outdoors once again Smith and Kelly has actually got ta lead this group offensively if they wish to return and get competitive in this video game and actually competitive for the remainder of the ACC season a number of ball screens from Lively he rolls Proctor drifts for 2 I'' m such a big fan of Proctor'' s video game I.

Believe as he physically develops and gets a little gets settled with his function here I believe he'' ll be terrific what do you like many I simply believe his peace he'' s been a man who'' s been tossed into various scenarios with roach guy in and out of the lineup he'' s played off the ball'he ' s played Point that'' s not a simple thing to do with the.

Group with all the distinctions and whatever that includes the aircrafts Duke basketball which I wish to do to press Mitchell driving on the Baseline and he will go to the totally free toss line on the other side Ward we have actually seen the very best from Derek happily offensively if you wish to know.

Why he'' s the primary hire in the nation here'' s why capturing bodies here Smith for raising Duncan like he simply did there a couple of minutes ago which'' s what he brings I suggest as a top hire You'' re Expecting all this offense that'' ll come later on in his profession today his incredibly his superpower I like to call it is.

Running the flooring being an athletic safeguarding and rebounding and he'' s doing it at a high level today John Shire 2 days ago made a fascinating contrast he stated appearance return to Mark Williams freshman year he wasn'' t playing a lot yeah I keep in mind doing a January video game where Mark Williams turned it over 3 times right now.

And they tugged him in a number of minutes however John stated by the end of the year Mark Williams was controling groups which set the phase for what Williams did in 2015 well something the real serum here in this league and whatever that occurs and you simply you see it you can you understand watch I imply when he'' s doing these.

Things they ' re great like today he'' s managing the paint Howard'' s had a couple of flashes for Georgia Tech beyond that these guards are not able to assault him and change him that'' s what his length and athleticism assists his group out if the protective end like he is the one real shot blocker there he desires it once again there it is oh and he tosses down.

Another On Cue this is the effect that this boy has Howard strolled with it wow I imply you might simply see him coming and he'' s tossing it up there you can'' t get up there behind guard due to the fact that absolutely nothing Maxwell can do there is that his guard you simply got to enjoy you got to get in.

Front of him well ahead of time however when he raises he'' s capturing that at the square man who'' s just scored in double figures as soon as in his crashman season he had 11 points versus Ohio State he'' s got 9 in this one to support 6 rebounds and a trio of blocks now you'' re visiting the distinction and they can.

Get philipowski right there and he'' s going to get that shot it ' s simply tough now what did he do hey he got that shot due to the fact that Lively last time got the dunk and then you leave the finest gamer in the fitness center you understand open at the elbow right there to get the 15 foot dive shot and it'' s simply it ' s simply a hard match.

Now for Georgia Tech due to the fact that they can ' t stop him and once again now he ' s in the passing Lane he'' s doing what he ' s done all video game getting rid of that pass tractor meal Mitchell backs it out roach actions in 2-3 simply 3rd one in the night simply excellent basketball here on Duke no slow down if you draw the tech what do you do you.

Got it you absolutely got to look after the basketball however once again they'' re doing an excellent task of attempting to do drug Tech wishes to get the ball to That Elbow right there and start their offense foreign Franklin and rebound number 7 for Derek Lively 13-3 or rather 16-3 the 2nd half.

Scoring Edge for Duke 36 got to beware with that and Franklin these people begin taking 3s that'' s not what they typically do and it ' s not their strength and I understand you'' re down you understand about a lot here however roach once again simply the method the video game began the method it.

Is right now roach with back-to-back 3s the method he began to scoring for Duke in the very first half and you understand with a young group this is their this is their design of playing and Tech'' s gon na need to appear I indicate there you ' re down huge now I'suggest it ' s simply a 32-point video game today and there'' s there will be no let up on this.

Group believe me I'' ve been on the rear end of a few of these losses and it'' s not enjoyable at all Howard misses out on filipowski clears roach has 4 3s of the 8 for Duke in this one phillipowski knock it down the bench was prepared to appear Lively removed it complimentary and makes another ownership for Duke.

Now Tech'' s going to get out of the zone and go to the man-to-man defense roach sensation it why not desired another Mitchell fights excellent block out from Coleman and it'' ll remain at this end of the flooring with Duke wow I imply what an assault from John shires group Georgia Tech Nate initially half pound 4 and a half to go they.

Had cut it to 7 it was 30 to 23 and ever since a Duke demolition well when your tactical plan was remove the factor would offer him Threes And it manages the pink they were managing the discomfort anyhow and tearing down 3s and you understand it'' s hard to simply totally alter your tactical plan in the middle of a video game when you are available in secured and.

Believing that you'' re gon na sort of fall on your Source or to talk with that kind of gameplay Broach Franklin the rebound it is 19-3 Duke in the 2nd half Georgia Tech is among 10 this half up until that 3 from Maxwell that'' s the method I believe they got to do more of that in basic I wear ' t understand if they can return and get.

Into this one however reject versus in shift once again I believe it'' s something they need to anticipate attempting to score in the very first 8 seconds absolutely nothing else goes close your method then you run your half court offense after that tipped Away by Franklin sticks with Duke and Joe spot isn'' t a pressure group they generally attempt to manage the rate and.

Temple of the video game sort of holds you in the 60s and low 70s at that and Duke'' s currently with 12 minutes to go currently at 62 points and scoring what was the yellow coats simply struck it it'' s here today what ' s been nailing his group all year'long it ' s capability to rating.

And who is going to score 30 from the flooring in this one that'' s what we informed you in the very first half Josh pastner'' s been regreting throughout ACC play they stated actually with the exception of that win over Miami we simply have actually not shot it well Franklin fights for the take the.

Coats do press once again Coleman gets concluded by Blake to devotes the nasty and sends us to a timeout Duke is doubling up Georgia Tech here in Atlanta you'' re gon na win that wing and after that undoubtedly among the most significant burglaries in college basketball versus Carolina.

And after that he got Miami and Virginia that'' s a hard sledding how about their offense what do you make from them at that end of the flooring since entering today 43 basket portion Yeah presently their most affordable basket portion in the season considering that 1959-60 that season what I Rely a lot on that freshman as we understand however a few of.

That is they'' ve had many injuries the men have actually remained in and out of the lineup you understand Tariq Whitehead we spoke about his injury he was their 2nd leading offending scoring ACC play now he'' s revoke the lineup you understand we wanting to get him back rapidly so let'' s simply I believe the concern ends up being as we stated they'' ve just had their complete.

Complimentary lineup in 12 of their 20 video games up until now this season therefore shires type of shuffling to see who'' s readily available which'' s determining their design of play so when they get everyone healthy I believe that'' ll determine what we see from this group moving forward Jalen Blakes have fun with that mask for his damaged nose.

Grandison at the rim with 2 more for Duke Brian did some fantastic task is feeling in one’s bones a shot clock trainee body attempted to deceive him a bit there and provide him a 5 4 3 2 one countdown he wasn'' t biting no not excellent surface from Jayvon Franklin at the rip you discussed Tariq Whitehead if.

You'' re simply joining us he'' s out today after the injury Monday versus Virginia Tech which thankfully a lot much better than it at first appeared like MRIs came out unfavorable John Shire stated Tariq is alleviated at the outcomes he got Shire informed us pregame that it'' s a ligament pressure it'' s not Achilles it ' s not calf it ' s lower leg a pressure to a.

Ligament within that leg and definitely appears like it might be faster instead of later on yeah it'' s among those ligaments in the leg that I wear'' t believe coaches are can pronounce some physician storm requires to let everybody understand however we saw him early he was shooting around moving actually well and I anticipate him to come back at some point in the near.

Future however he looked excellent today seeing him pre-game and simply actually delighted for him prior to a boy who had a foot injury early in the season he had actually absolutely gotten himself fit he was beginning to play his finest basketball so ideally he can return rapidly and return to that it was a damaged foot to the other foot yeah in the preseason.

That slowed him to start the year obviously and yeah we strolled in to the health club about 2 hours prior to the video game today and he was shooting he'' s not leaping yet however he was out there in warm-up uniform and getting some shots up yeah anytime you'' re that comfy going out early doing those things and he was here even prior to we got here and we constantly.

Get in early so to see him out there getting his operate in early let you understand that he'' s feeling much better which I would anticipate him to return on the quote in the nephew the majority of the time we arrive early well often there'' s a report today yeah it wasn ' t here as early as normal no it'' s cars and truck concerns a breakdown.

It wasn'' t your fault though I won'' t blame you for that thank you Randolph Childers by Quantico our whole team behind the scenes Midway through the 2nd half on the flats tyree'' s Proctor has actually been terrific he ' s got a season High 8 helps great feed for young from grandison.

It'' s a hard part about when you play this brand-new group now they got their bench gamers out there however that'' s the experience can be found in now and you understand young and Granderson and Blakes simply supply a lot depth and experience with this group Maxwell driving on Blakes Franklin once again he'' s.

Got it 10 points now to lead Georgia Tech Franken constantly plays larger than you would believe and you take a look at his size and he'' s simply constantly he'plays like he ' s 6 9 or 6 10 and he'' s genuine bouncy and with excellent length and he'' s ended up the last number of baskets here.

Grandison from the totally free toss line miscommunication on the switch there by Joe the tech and those ran still open for the free-throw line dive under 9 and a half to go here in this 2nd half in addition to got 8 on it another triple excellent fight on the boards from Franklin however it comes from.

Duke there'' s sufficient time if you go to Tech you wish to install a return however they'' re simply not constructed the method they run their Princeton offense to you understand to take those sort of shots and fast shots they require to attempt to score it on defense getting stops and leaving shift however this group runs much better when they get them running half.

Court offense and run their Princeton Cuts however when they get protective stops that'' s when they got ta want to take those 3s they ' ve got Smith Moore Franklin Coleman and Maxwell the 5 on the flooring for Josh pastner Subs on the Duke side with Lively and shoot returning in brandison links from Deep a ninth.

Made 3 for heaven Devils they'' re simply shooting lights off today and once again you understand the tactical plan runs out the window you simply this past the set himself he'' s simply got ta'you ' re gon na attempt him to shoot threes they'' ve made 9 currently and you understand when they'' ve done that which was your strategy to stop that you simply state hi.

Let'' s prepare yourself for the next one Maxwell pulling back shoot getting some run today for the very first time in 3 and a half weeks and Maxwell ratings over yeah he had a hip tip there and he'' s a person that ' s a natural rating which you understand if he might happen he can provide a various measurement that I put on'' t understand if.

They have a fast action from roach Davon Smith dedicates the nasty we ought to point out with Georgia Tech also they'' re still without normal starter Lance Terry he'' s out for a 3rd straight video game with a hamstring concern and he'' s a man who can be found in from Gardner Webb and you see was chewing up a great deal of minutes and Josh.

Passner stated to us a couple of weeks ago their finest border Defender yeah and he likewise was shooting the ball while he was shooting 34 from 3 and there'' s simply something this group requires is another person that can tear down shots in you understand he'' s a lot missed out on today with that hamstring interview Granderson loses.

He was too open on that one I believe that'' s what it was great issue to have however in some cases damages you Maxwell'' s brief also Lively rips down a rebound and draws a nasty and Derek Lively has actually matched the season high with 9 boards he looks healthy and I believe the most significant thing is he'' s a boy that had actually a.

Calf injury earlier and it cost him his preseason he missed out on the video game or prematurely in the year and it'' s missed out on a number of video games with a disease and illness and now he'' s he ' s rounded into shape and he'' s happening and being that athletic gamer that required interior on the interior for this Duke front court that we understood he'' d ended up being.

He'' s revealing you why he was the primary recruiting nation I believe individuals were simply taking a look at his numbers from an offending perspective and anticipating something various however this is what he does right here additional ownership find out more they move it for Mitchell on the drive with the right-hand man with the.

I'' m simply such a big fan of that boy nobody plays their function much better than Mark Mitchell does he does you understand with all the Freshman success he doesn'' t get as much I believe he protects numerous positions he understands what it is he doesn'' t takes bad shots and he'' s gon na be a force for heaven Devils in the future.

I'' ll get a Defender is it 10 leaking black I believe he'' s he ' s among the more flexible ones due to the fact that his Lance he can safeguard more point player I believe Mark Mitchell can however I simply believe his he'' s been using the offending end rather out of position more so since of all the injuries and the shuffling of everybody.

In and out of the lineup shoot can'' t link within 7 to go Kelly left alone swirls one out rebound Roach Kelly'' s simply continuing his depression he was 4th 23 in the last 3 video games can be found in you understand you desire for his self-confidence that he'' d take and make those type of.

Shots and overlook ball game you simply got to continue to play Mitchell into the lane gets the roll which'' s due to the fact that of having running the ball spring with unclean loudly it'' s among those things that wear'' t appear in the stat sheets the huge doesn'' t wish to assist since if he does you toss the.

Lob to him so he sticks with Lively Mark Mitchell simply relied on cornering with his dominant hand and simply gets to the rim with these Mitchell'' s got 11-5 and 4 they'' re gon na nasty with 6-10 to choose Duke controling Georgia Tech live and they had some slams Mitchell gets included with the blue devil.

And I do I believe they'' ll surface this thing out offered they remain healthy I believe TJ Hall and I believe Hunter Tyson'' s playing along with anybody in deserving of right now the very first half Player of the Year in the ACC and Chase hunter starts and they got to get Brevin Galloway back I imply his injury from you understand from.

Scarier than Tariq whiteheads injury I suggest get him back and get him back in the lineup and playing and we'' ll see for how long'he ' s out however I believe they have all of it I believe they would Chase Hunter however being back the group as they protect they'' ve constantly had an identity on the protective end then.

It'' s gon na be a hard out yeah if you sanctuary ' t become aware of Brevin Galloway'' s injuries we won'' t upgrade it here no we'' ll leave that to your online search engine of option however he is currently offering t-shirts with a play on words on his site Smith doesn'' t get the follow method to pursue the expensive football yeah.

He'' s he seemed like he was still being medicated when he was discussing it'' s simply a frightening thing to hear I wear ' t even understand what to state about it'I imply it ' s simply a hard thing and you simply hope he ' s all right yeah we ' ll leave it at that yeah all the very best house and happy to understand that he felt comfy adequate to do that.

Christian Reeves into the video game 21 in Black for Duke he flashes open with the stop and Crystal Reed would be another man'' s humiliation of 7 video of this Duke Blue Devil group has I indicate he has the size and length and buried behind a lot of people however he'' ll he ' ll you'' ll you ' ll become aware of him in the coming.

Years and as he stuck behind a few of the more skilled freshmen in the nation however another huge person that I believe will remain in Durham for several years to come and have the reproduction capability to be an actually excellent gamer Mitchell off Target Reeves draws it nasty all right so some other ratings in the ACC today Virginia.

76-57 a win over Boston College in Charlottesville and after that NC State and Winston-Salem versus weight who has actually now dropped 3 in a row NC State wins 79-77 yes in the video game that preceded hours that'' s a significant win for the Wolfpack I indicate that group threatens we understand about that backcourt of jaquel Joyner and Craven Smith there and Casey.

Marcel they'' re as excellent as any guard playing in the nation and who saw Burns today with his 31-9 I imply he was impressive offering him that existence inside and if he can provide you anything near that and keep an eye out that the Wolfpack group is they'' re legitimate DJ Burns wow you heard that properly.

From Randall 31-9 he was 14 of 26 from the flooring and led NC State to that win on the roadway he was their offense in the 2nd half of that video game simply a credit to him which'' s that simply an excellent Road win and Deeks as we spoke about that knocks up for those men as duke and on the roadway they got to turn things.

Around it dropped the last 3 conference video games in a row I saw them Wednesday at Pitt Penn struck 18-3s a program record and Blake Henson matched a private program record with 8 of those 18 for the Panthers well they'' re a group that ' s playing today well on the offending energy having a hard time defensively and.

It'' s a difficult location to battle in this league if in this league there ' s numerous excellent gamers if you ' re not protecting at a high level you'' re simply not going to win you understand there isn'' t for so long you can simply line up and outscore individuals eventually you got ta start comparing and taking things away.

Blake'' s got it chose off by Davon Smith male Devon Smith is still playing hard here for Georgia Tech down the stretch coping Duke in control prepared to get a roadway win in Atlanta can we play once again they'' re playing actually excellent basketball too stay showing up top of the hour we will get you to Tallahassee Florida.

State is hosting number 24 Clemson who returns Chase hunter that is huge for Brad Brownell and the Tigers it is certainly wish to get him back dude today is clear at their bench and permitting everybody to play here over is John Shire clears the bench I informed you earlier about Brian eskelson.

Georgia Tech assistant coach came by from Harvard moved kale Catchings 12 in Black he'' s into the video game a person that Brian eskelson understands popular extremely well previous gamer for him through the years Tommy hammacher personnel C8 Howard is pulling back on Reeves who.

Dedicates the nasty with the shot clock unwinding it was cool talking with Brian that'' s what stated about kale Catchings previously today so this man is very wise coming out of high school 35 on the ACT and rather of entering into a scenario when he moved where he might play more and struck the mid significant level or low significant.

Level well he wishes to be a sports representative so chose to go to Duke and uh the Brotherhood that'' s a respectable location to begin for Connections because kind of work terrific to have colleagues is going to be Pros that might be one that you can represent one day so.

He'' s a lot smarter than we are I can inform you that Shelton Williams was here at the video game today Rodney Hood likewise in the structure we got word that Duke Legend Mike buckmeyer was here too showing up on 2 to go here at mccamish.

Structure Reeves tosses out for Jaden shoot driving on Davon Smith hard follow it for shooting his colleagues enjoy it excellent task there controlled playing off 2 feet reverse pivot and shot his vanish simply those the kind of plays you wish to make this time of video game since you wish to.

Program the coach that you can do that so that when these closer video games that he can put you in the lineup and it'' s about cooling Blake'' s obstructing the three-point shot from Maxwell Blakes completes plus a nasty and whatever showing up Duke here today Batman Blake with the block useful and one on the other end simply fantastic defense.

Boiling down and completing and no mass is going to slow him down that'' s so hard to have fun with I wear'' t believe individuals comprehend how unpleasant that is to have something like that on and credit to that boy for toughing it.

Out and I indicate you can see that Blake'' s throughout these last couple of video games has actually been fidgeting with it a lot it'' s the most bothersome thing ever due to the fact that it'' s right there and you need to use it however it'' s simply sitting right there and you can actually see it and you can feel it simply feels strange to have something on.

Your face like that and oh I keep in mind that and I put on'' t even you did it oh God yes yeah your college College oh Batman doing his part here down the stretch Blake'' s needed to roll off Catchings attempting to follow scoots out to Howard who begins it back for the coats.

for how long do you need to use it oh a couple weeks a number of weeks in fact my group you understand who broke my nose among my colleagues Duncan broke my rim uh my nose Tim Duncan broke your nose yeah him and Joe Smith were defending a rebound and I think I had no service in there and his elbow hit.

Me and broke my nose deliberately I believe it was it declares it wasn'' t he declares it'wasn ' t however I still hold it versus him can I put you on the area you and I have actually talked independently about Tim Duncan and you'' re still buddies with him what'' s your finest Tim Duncan shop.

Oh you understand what it most likely would be his hiring go to I indicate him can be found in there and simply his story you understand what terrific gamer he is however among the funniest individuals that you'' ll ever understand he doesn'' t share that side with everybody however actually his hiring check out he is available in and it'' s snowing and we ' re at an IHOP consuming breakfast and.

Odom resembles hi I require you to come on this go to for this man and it'' s Tim and he ' s coming and I appear and it is freezing rain like an inch of snow outdoors and he has like a brief sleeve t-shirt and flip-flops on he stated at the breakfast is shivering I'' m appearing like coach this man can'' t play like male they squandered my time like the only thing I got.

Out of that was I'' m gon na swim'like I ' m like he ' s a swimmer from Saint Croix which ' s where my name originated from I constantly called him Saint Croix due to the fact that of that like the Saint Croix this man is coming here in February with flip-flops on and it'' s snowing outside like get this man out of here I can'' t assist us win video games like what are you doing.

Young boy did I get that a person yeah I got that a person me I got it incorrect shoot ratings as we approach the last 30 seconds so Duke will get the 6 and 4 in the ACC 15-6 total prior to this huge four-game stretch turning up you can view him Tuesday versus Wake Forest on ESPN and.

A week from today likewise on ESPN versus Carolina on the other hand Georgia Tech will fall to one in 10 general they'' re at Louisville Wednesday then at NC State next weekend here on Acca we'' re going to discover out a lot about this Georgia Tech group next week at that Louisville video game Road video game for the basement of the ACC they got to come out of Play credit the.

Duke basketball here today simply an impressive efficiency on both ends of the flooring credit to those people made 3s ruined the hunting report versus Georgia Tech and they challenged them in

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