Chicago In February

Chicago In February

Chicago Weather Alert: Heavy rain, thunderstorms affecting early morning commute

Well Monday is starting rather hectic a weather condition alert early morning as we do have rain and thunderstorms for late February moving through and we'' re currently handling the very first wave here today that rocked throughout parts of the western suburban areas here today now moving into the Chicago location we'' ve got the soaking rains and a thunderstorm so in.

The coming hours as far as this next wave that comes through this is the one that we'' re going to be seeing throughout your early morning rush which 7 8 9 o'' clock period for extreme weather condition now that serious weather condition hazard seems further off towards the South the south of 80 is going to be that prospective where we have that high wind.

Threads and likewise that rain hazard is likewise going to be quite dominant in this projection throughout the whole location you'' re taking a look at simply over an inch of rain for lots of locations we'' ve got the heavy rain today into parts of Chicago we can see that'' s cleaning out and moving into parts of the lake still loading a punch as we do have some ingrained.

Thunderstorms however there'' s no Watches or Warnings presently in result Chicago now has light rain however you can see further off towards the west from Bridgeview out towards Chatham we'' re seeing the heaviest rain now so that'' s going to be moving through the rain is going to get in strength within the next 10-15 minutes or two and with that.

We'' ll pull in some ingrained thunderstorms further off towards the north we still see some extreme rain heavy rain from Waukegan points further west out towards Rockford have a number of ingrained thunderstorms however once again no serious weather condition with this round we'' re enjoying further off towards the west in the coming hours which'' s where we ' ll.

See coming through throughout the early morning rush period and with that there'' s that serious weather condition threat that occurs with it the best issue is going to be further off towards the South where we'' ve got that separated capacity for some Gusty thunderstorms down south out towards Rensselaer so we'' re truly watching out into Southern parts of.

Will County Kankakee into Northwest Indiana although I can'' t entirely dismiss that there is a Gusty thunderstorm that pop states we start through that early morning time duration which early morning enter around the Chicago location so winds are going to be the main dangers lightning and some flooding there is a separated twister danger if we get any.

Twists in the environment it'' s most likely going to be really short it'' s an extremely minimal low capacity however something that will be keeping a close eye on in the coming hours Future clouds and radar so we'' ve got that line of thunderstorms that'' s now vacating the location we'' ll ultimately see some more rain and thunderstorms moving through simply after.

7 o'' clock and we ' ll keep that capacity in for strong thunderstorms till about midday late this afternoon there might be a separated shower or a thunderstorm however I'' m actually believing this is a primarily early morning occasion as far as our rain opts for today seven-day projection your temperature levels will remain quite moderate now all the method through.

Wednesday trending a bit chillier the week begins uh storming it ends a little snowy on Friday we do have that opportunity for some snow showers however things clear out and after that those temperature levels take a hit entering into Saturday Sunday we'' re pull back to the 30s and 40s back to you people

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