10 Decadent Milkshakes in Chicago You Need to Try!

10 Decadent Milkshakes in Chicago You Need to Try!

10 Decadent Milkshakes in Chicago You Need to Try!

If you’re searching for something delicious, look no further than the sweet treats in Chicago. From classic ice cream favorites to modern toppings, these 10 milkshakes are guaranteed to leave every sweet tooth in the city satisfied.

1. Bananas Foster Milkshake at Original Rainbow Cone

Located on the south side of the city, Original Rainbow Cone is the place to go for a classic shake experience. Their Bananas Foster Milkshake is made with fresh ice cream and topped with roasty-toasty banana caramel sauce, walnuts, and whipped cream – it’s a classic favorite.

2. Churro Milkshake at Wow Bao

Central to the city, Wow Bao is more than the classic bao bun. If you’re looking for something unique, this is your spot. Their Churro Milkshake is an unexpected surprise of ice cream and churro bits, covered in caramel sauce and topped with churro crumbles – it’s an explosion of flavor.

3. Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Milkshake at DMK Burger

Going along the grain of something classic, DMK Burger is known for its creative shakes. Their Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Milkshake is something of a dessert-lovers dream with a mix of chocolate, pretzel, and ice cream. Topped off with a single pretzel and a sprinkle of chocolate chips, the classic flavors are accented perfectly.

4. Nutella Milkshake at Epic Burger

Heating up with Epic Burger’s Nutella Milkshake. True to what it says, this shake is made with real Nutella, blended with classic ice cream, and topped off with a sprinkle of hazelnuts. Sweet and creamy, it’s the perfect treat for any milkshake lover.

5. Salted Caramel Cocoa Krispy Milkshake at Fatso’s Last Stand

Just like the name implies, Fatso’s Last Stand is sure to satisfy. This spot brings the heat with their Salted Caramel Cocoa Krispy Milkshake. Made with classic ice cream, homemade caramel, and cocoa krispies, it’s the perfect fix for anyone with a sweet tooth.

6. Cookies and Cream Milkshake at Gino’s East

South-side favorite Gino’s East hits its mark with their classic Cookies and Cream Milkshake. With vanilla ice cream, Oreo cookie pieces, and Oreo crumbles, this shake is like an ode to the classic cookies and cream combination.

7. S’mores Milkshake at Shake Shack

The Windy City welcomes Shake Shack, and their festive S’mores Milkshake. This fan favorite takes classic s’mores ingredients – graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows – and blends them into a classic shake. The marshmallow topping seals the deal.

8. Caramel Apple Pie Milkshake at Kaiser Tiger

Changing it up, Kaiser Tiger brings something original – the Caramel Apple Pie Milkshake. With a combination of salted caramel, apple white-wine syrup, whipped cream, and apple crisps, this innovate shake hits the spot.

9. Cinnamon Toast Milkshake at The Fifty/50

Bringing it back to classic flavors is the Fifty/50 and their Cinnamon Toast Milkshake. With classic ice cream, and hints of cinnamon, brown sugar, and graham crackers – it’s a tase of nostalgia in a cup.

Finally, SingleCut puts the Cherry on top with its Cookie Butter Milkshake. This creamy treat includes house-made cookie butter, blended with classic ice cream, and topped off with cookie butter crumbles. Sweet and savory, it’s the perfect way to wind up a milkshake tour.

There you have it – 10 milkshakes in Chicago you need to try! From classic flavors to unexpected surprises, these decadent treats are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth in the city.

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