US Cellular Field  

Chicago baseball at its best 


The US Cellular Field Chicago is a great place to visit for tourists to Chicago as the stadium has various glorious sporting tales to tell. This is a ballpark owned by the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority and houses the Chicago White Sox of the Major League Baseball’s American League. This new ballpark was completed in 1991 at a cost of about $167 million and was called as the Comiskey Park, however after US Cellular bought the naming rights of the park the field was named after the US Cellular in the year 2003.


  This stadium is located west of the Dan Ryan Expressway and is well connected by various forms of transport. The spectator ramp is designed to match the contour of the old base grandstand of the old stadium. The stadium saw some significant renovations in the year 2003 after a partnership forged between White Sox and U.S Cellular. A new voice board, a fan deck and a 53 by 28 foot video screen became a part of the field’s legacy after the renovations. These changes boosted the popularity of the field so much so that it was sought after by many TV commercials and movies. The three different blends of grass give the field the right ambience for a ballpark.  


The food, the arena, the seating and the screen are just a few reasons why the park is so popular among fans and players alike. Innovation, tradition and sporting spirit come together and celebrate the sport at this field; for all visitors to Chicago, this ballpark is a ‘must see’. Visitors can also experience the real action on the field through a game day itinerary that can be planned around their visit to the state. This is a field which must be seen to believe the impact it can have on people watching the game.